Joint Call on ICT between FFG and CAS launched

Extending research collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences


10 April 2017 – Following the delegation visit of 25 Austrian experts on information and communications technology from 12 to 17 March 2017 to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, the third joint call between the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was launched in April 2017. FFG provides financial support for selected cooperative R&D projects for max. 3 years. The total call budget for the Austrian project partners is EUR 1 million.

This is the third joint call between FFG and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Within the first and second joint call, three Sino-Austrian projects were successfully selected respectively.


OSTA meets Xi´an governmental authorities

Fruitful Talks about current and potential cooperation between Xi´an and Austria


6 April 2017 – Mr. Philipp Agathonos, Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology and director of OSTA visited Xi´an and had an exchange of views on possible bilateral cooperation between Austria and the city of Xi’an with the Xi´an Municipal Bureau of Sci. & Tech., the Xi´an Region Sci & Tech. Exchange Center, the Xi´an Intellectual Property Bureau, the Xi´an Municipal Industry and Information Committee, and the Xi´an Municipal Bureau of Transportation information about each other especially in the area of Science and Technology in order to explore cooperation opportunities.

The Xi´an governmental authorities showed great interest in collaboration with Austria and were willing to keep close ties with OSTA. OSTA informed an upcoming Austrian delegation in May to move forward the specific possible cooperation with Xi´an. Xi´an was looking forward to meeting the delegation for further discussion.


OSTA visits the Xi´an Center of Geological Survey, CGS

Austria deepens the cooperation with China in the area of geology

Photo: Meeting in XACGS

6 April 2017 –The director of OSTA Mr. Philipp Agathonos met the Secretary General of Xi´an Center of Geological Survey, CGS (XACGS)Mr. DU Yuliang in Xi´an. The two sides took stock of the state of affairs in the bilateral cooperation between AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology and CGS (started in 2013) and discussed the coming steps (MLR and XACGS Delegations to Austria/AIT Delegation to Xi’an).


OSTA supports the cooperation between ATC and TFNA

The Project Cooperation between ATC and Tianfu New Area Design Institute reaches concrete level


22 March 2016 – An Austrian delegation composed by Mr. Tino Terraneo (ATC), Mr. Philipp Agathonos, Mr. Max Pfeiler (both OSTA), Mr. Hans-Martin Neumann (AIT) and Mr. Oliver Gumpert (Doppelmayr) visited the Tianfu New Area Design Institute. The aim of the visit this time was to concrete the cooperation framework between the Austrian Technology Corporation (ATC) and the Tianfu New Area Design Institute (TFNA). Furthermore, some new projects ideas were also actively discussed.



OSTA meets DRC, CDST and EUPIC in Chengdu

three meetings in Chengdu


Photo: Mr. Philipp Agathonos, Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology

21 & 23 March 2017 – OSTA’s representatives, Mr. Philipp Agathonos and Mr. Max Pfeiler, visited the Development and Reform Commission (DRC), the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau (CDST) and the European Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC) in Chengdu and discussed current and potential future cooperation between Austrian and Chengdu-Stakeholders.

OSTA is now in the process of putting together an Austrian delegation to attend the upcoming Launching Ceremony of EUPIC’s Business & Innovation Centre for China-Europe Cooperation(CCEC) in May.



OSTA visits EU-China Forum on Sustainable Urban Development

Discussing Sustainable Urban Development in Putian 


20 March 2017 – Within the 2017 EU-China Forum on Sustainable Urban Development in Putian, city of Fujian Province in Southeast China, Philipp Agathonos, Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology and director of OSTA, hold a speech about the Austrian concept of Sustainable Urban Development which includes Urban Sustainable Planning , Green Building , Smart Mobility , Economy & Ecology and Smart Living.

The summit was hosted by China Center for Urban Development (CCUD) and EU Delegation. Renowned speakers such as Fan Hengshan, Deputy Secretary General of National Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Zhinan, Executive Vice Governor of Fujian Province, Chen Hongwan, Deputy Director General of CCUD, Lin Baojin, Secretary of the CPC Putian Municipal Committee, Fujian Province, Laurent Bochereau, Minister Counselor of EU Delegation to China for Scientific Research and Innovation, and Nicholas, Chief Coordination Officer of EUROCITIES, gave their lectures on the Forum as well.



Austrian ICT delegation successfully concluded the visit to China

Intensive exchange with Chinese experts in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing

2017-03-17_IS CAS

Photo: Austrian and Chinese participants at IS CAS

From 12 to 17 March 2017 – An Austrian delegation with 25 ICT experts from universities, research institutions and companies, led by Lisbeth Mosnik, Deputy Head of Department ICT, Manufacturing, Nano and Space, Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), visit China. The trip started with a company visit to Huawei Headquarter in Shenzhen and was followed by events in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.

During the visit, Sino-Austrian Roundtables on Information and Communications Technology were held at different renowned CAS institutes: the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) in Shenzhen, the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT) in Shanghai, the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT CAS) and the Institute of Software (IS CAS) in Beijing. After short presentations on specific research topics given by the two sides, the Austrian and Chinese participants actively engaged in pre-arranged Science-2-Science and Business-2-Business talks.

In Guangzhou, the Austrian delegation met with representatives of renounced universities, research institutions and companies from the entire Guangdong Province in the presence of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology (GDST). Opinions on further cooperation possibilities were exchanged and discussed in the friendly atmosphere.

After the successful delegation visit, the third joint call by the Austrian Research Promotion Agancy (FFG) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on ICT as well as the first joint call by FFG and GDST on ICT for Smart City  are expected to be opened in April. The calls will be published on the OSTA website as well.


ICT experts welcomed at the Austrian Embassy Beijing

Networking reception given by OSTA

2017-03-16_welcome reception embassy

Photo: Philipp Agathonos is giving the welcome speech at the Embassy

16 March 2017 – Representatives from renowned Austrian and Chinese research institutes as well as Austrian companies active in the field of Information and Communications Technology were cordially welcomed at the Austrian Embassy in Beijing by Philipp Agathonos, Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology and director of OSTA. The Austrian delegation started its tour through China in Shenzhen. After stops in Guangzhou and Shanghai the Austrian experts spend two days in Beijing, where they visited the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT CAS) and the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IS CAS).


OSTA initiates first Worshop at the Austrian Embassy Beijing

Talking about Internet of Things: chances and challenges

2017-03-16_PEK_WS Internet of Things

Photo: Helmut Leopold 

16 March 2017 – On the occasion of the visit of 25 Austrian ICT experts, a workshop on Internet of Things was held at the Austrian Embassy Beijing. Helmut Leopold, director of the digital safety and security department of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Prof. Xiong Gang, deputy director of the Beijing Engineering Research Centre of Intelligent Systems and Technology and Dominic Klein from the EU Delegation to China Held a lively discussions shedding light to various scientific, technical and security aspects of the issue. The event was opened and moderated by Philipp Agathonos, Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology and director of OSTA.

International Urban Cooperation Launch Event

Introducing strategies for City to City Cooperations
Photo: EU Ambassador Mr. Schweisgut

15 March 2017 – Philipp Agathonos, Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology and director of OSTA, participated in the EU-China International Urban Cooperation Launch Event. The IUC programme boosts international urban cooperation with EU partners in Asia. With a budget of over EU 20 million, the IUC effectively supports Habitat III goals as well as the Paris Agreement and the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.