Students from Upper Austria visit Partner University in Beijing

A double-degree Master program in “global sales and marketing” between FH OÖ and UIBE was established in 2015


Photo: Robert Füreder, Margarethe Überwimmer, Arnold Obermayr, Peter Schintlmeister and Philipp Agathonos with the students

12 October 2016 – Almost 40 students of global sales and marketing at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FH OÖ) visited Beijing from 9-15 October 2016. The study trip took place within the framework of the double-degree Master program which was established between FH OÖ and University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing in March 2015.

The students were warmly welcomed at the premises of the Austrian Embassy by Arnold Obermayr, Cultural Counsellor and head of the cultural forum on 12 October. Science Counsellor and director of OSTA, Peter Schintlmeister, provided knowledge and insights into the S&T landscape of China, followed by a lively discussion with the students.


Austrian delegation warmly greeted by Gansu Provincial Sci. &Tech. Department

Discussion about Science and Technology cooperation possibilities between the province of Gansu and Austria


Photo: Director-general LI Wenqing, Peter Schintlmeister

11 October 2016 – On the occasion of the Austrian delegations market exploratory trip for landslide prevention cooperation an official meeting between the Director-general of the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department Mr. LI Wenqing and the Austrian delegation consisting of Mr. Peter Schintlmeister, Director of OSTA , Mr. Philippos Agathonos, Head of Unit of Federal Ministry of European and international Affairs (Austria), Mr. Phillip Leopold, Scientist of Austrian Institute of Technology and some Members from the China geological Survey took place in Lanzhou.

On the meeting Director-general LI gave an overview about the situation in Gansu with respect to S&T. He expressed a strong desire for cooperation with Austria and made suggestions for cooperation such as building up cooperation platforms, promoting mobility, taking part in Science and Technology activities from each other, which were responded by Mr. Schintlmeister. Besides Mr. Peter Schintlmeister also introduced the Austrian Institute of Technology and its cooperation with the China Geological Survey and the purpose of the delegation trip in Lanzhou. Both sides are agreed to strengthen the cooperation between the province Gansu and Austrian in the future.


AIT and CGS further the cooperation in the field of Geology

Discussion about project cooperation of landslide hazards maps in the province Gansu


Photo: CGS Meeting

10 October 2016 – An Austrian delegation under the lead of Mr. Peter Schintlmeister, director of OSTA visited the China Geological Survey and held an informative talk with Dr. WU Zhenhan, Director of Department of Science and Technology and International Cooperation about the cooperation possibilities in the field of Geology with local public authorities respectively with local institutes.

2013 a MoU was signed between AIT and CGS in Beijing to conduct activities in the earth sciences, afterwards a project annex was signed in Vienna intended to carry out cooperative research activities on loess landslide hazard modelling and mapping in western China. The first cooperation project between AIT and CGS was undertaken in Tianshui Region, Gansu province. A Landslide susceptibility map for the region Tianshui was successfully made and a project report was recently published. Both sides reviewed the cooperation in the past and discussed the further cooperation possibilities as next step to implement such hazards maps and landslide modeling technic in china region with high density of landslide events.


Joint Call on Graphen between FFG and Shanghai University launched

The second joint call with Shanghai University is open for proposals

Shanghai Universityi-FFG-BMVIT

5 October 2016 – In the framework of the cooperation between the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and renowned Shanghai University, a joint call for cooperativ R&D projects in the field of “graphen, functional nanomaterials and 3D-printing and processing” is open for submissions. FFG provides selected cooperative R&D project with financial support for a maximum of 3 years. The total call budget for the Austrian project partners is EUR 0.5 million (equivalent to around CNY 3,73 million). The funding amount for Austrian partners in a joint project must be between EUR 100,000 and EUR 500,000.

This is the second joint call between FFG and Shanghai University. Within the first joint call, three Sino-Austrian projects in the field of nanotechnology were successfully selected in 2015.


Cordial talk between OSTA and NCNST

Discussion about the cooperation between NCNST and Austria in the field of Nanoscience and Technology


Photo: ZHAO Yuliang, Peter Schintlmeister

28 September 2016 – Peter Schintlmeister, director of OSTA, visited the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) and held a fruitful talk with the Deputy Director-General Mr. ZHAO Yuliang about the research situation in the field of Nanoscience and Technology in both countries and the probable cooperation interests between NCNST, Austrian institutes and universities. Basic information about the NCNST and its special features compared to other CAS institutes respectively other institutes were kindly explained by Prof. Zhao. Matters about the research atmosphere, research policies and technology transfer of the research outcomes were exchanged.

The International conference on Nanoscience and Technology ChinaNANO which was 2005 firstly held by NCNST and takes place every two years, provides a good platform to connect institutes and researchers all over the world in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology and to stimulate discussions on the forefront of research. An Austrian Nano delegation consisting of Austrian institutes, universities and companies has respectively attended 2013 the Roundtable Opening of the ChiNano and the 6th ChinaNano 2015 in Beijing.  In the authumn 2017 an Austrian Nano delegation will again visit China and was kindly invited by Prof. Zhao to participate in ChinaNano 2017 in Beijing.


Lanzhou Science and High-Tech Achievement Expo 2016

Meeting to promote “High-Tech Silk Road” in Lanzhou


Photo: Zamir Awan, Badir Almusharrekh, Peter Schintlmeister, Laurent Bochereau, Hao Yuan

24 September 2016 – Following an invitation of the S&T department of the city of Lanzhou and Gansu province, representatives of the EU delegation, Austria and Sweden, as well as from several non-European countries, attended the Lanzhou Science and High-Tech Achievement Expo 2016. Under the heading of “High-Tech Silk Road”, the representatives were warmly welcomed by the vice governor of Gansu, Prof. HAO Yuan. Peter Schintlmeister presented Sino-Austrian exchange in science and technology.


OSTA presents at EU Outreach Event in Lanzhou

The EU Info Day attracted more than 200 people


Photo: Peter Schintlmeister presents opportunities for research collaboration with Austria

23 September 2016 – In the frame of an EU Information Day, the workshop “Where Europe and China connect” was held at the UNIDO International Solar Energy Center for Technology Promotion and Transfer (UNIDO-ISEC) in Lanzhou. Representatives of the EU delegation and Austria exchanged information on S&T policies and international cooperation programmes with local S&T authorities.

The seminar included a visit to the renowned Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute (LVRI), which is known for the development of vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease and conducts joint research with EU partners. The event was organized by the EU delegation in cooperation with China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC).


Austrian Alumni Session at Beijing Humboldt Forum 2016

Nine speakers with manifold professional background delivered inspiring speeches


Photo: Peter Schintlmeister, Li Jingjing, Ambassador Irene Giner-Reichl, Andreas Zehetner at the closing ceremony

18 September 2016 – In the framework of the Beijing Humboldt Forum 2016, which was held from 16 to 19 September at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, OSTA had – for the second time already – the honor to organize an Austrian Alumni Session. Under the heading “Fostering Cultural Heritage through S&T Exchange”, 27 experts from China and Austria, who studied or worked in Austria or China, respectively, came together to catch up with other Alumni.

The Alumni were warmly welcomed by Prof. Feng Xiaohu, general secretary of the Beijing Humboldt Forum, Prof. Zhao Zhensheng, vice chairman of the Chinese Overseas-Scholars from Germany and Austria Section of the Western Returned Scholar Association (WRSA) and Peter Schintlmeister. Nine speakers, Arnold Obermayr, Li Jingjing, Prof. Wolf-Dieter Rausch, Prof. Zhao Zhensheng, Prof. Andreas Zehetner, Dr. Jiang Dechun, Prof. Alfred Pitterle, Prof. Zhang Lixiao and Peter Schintlmeister, who looked back on up to 38 years of bilateral cooperation, focused on personal experience, cultural aspects such as opera and music, and environmental protection. After the session, all Alumni were invited to participate in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Humboldt Forum.


OSTA meets new DDG at CAS

Discussion about the ongoing cooperation between CAS and FFG and the upcoming ICT delegation


Photo: CAO Dianwen, Peter Schintlmeister

13 September 2016 – Peter Schintlmeister, director of OSTA, visited the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and was warmly welcomed by Mr. CAO Dianwen, new Deputy Director-General of its Bureau of International Cooperation. In a friendly atmosphere, matters about the cooperation between CAS and FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) were discussed. The ongoing cooperation is deemed to run very smoothly and both sides expressed their interest in a continuation.

Currently a MoU between CAS and FFG is in force, signed in 2015 and agreeing on the implementation of three joint calls. Projects of the first call 2015 in the area of Nanotechnology are already being conducted. Presently projects of the second call in the area of Advanced Materials are being shortlisted for funding and preparations for the third call in the area of ICT are being made.

An Austrian delegation of scientists, researchers and other experts in ICT will come to China in March 2017, visit possible stakeholders and discuss potential cooperation projects. This trip will be realized in close cooperation with CAS, which will also suggest relevant institutes and organisations of interest for the visit.



Linking Austria to the silk road


Photo: Peter Schintlmeister, Omar Abdelrahman, Wu Jianbo

12 September 2016 – UN-Maritime-Continental Silk Road Cities Alliance (UN-MCSR) is a platform supported by UN agencies to serve cities and enterprises along the ancient silk roads. Representatives of the Committee of Smart Cities & New Industries met in a fruitful exchange with Peter Schintlmeister, Counsellor for Science and Technology and director of OSTA. UN-MCSR expressed strong interest in cooperation with Austria within its remit. A Vienna-Chongqing Culture Festival will be held in Chongqing from 16 to 19 October 2016, co-organized by UN-MCSR and the Austrian Embassy’s Cultural Forum in Beijing. Moreover a cooperation with the city of Vienna is planned. Discussions with OSTA covered the possibilities to extend the collaboration in scientific and technological areas.

UN MCSR is an initiative of five member organizations of the United Nations (UNDP, UNIDO, UNOSSC, UNESCO and UNWTO) and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). Launched in September 2015, UN MCSR focuses on development projects along the Chinese “One Belt, one Road “strategy.