Austrian Alumni Session at the Beijing Humboldt Forum 2018

Building a coherent Alumni network through exchange of experiences between the Chinese and Austrian Alumni

会场 01
hoto: Audience of the Austrian Alumni Session

hoto: Group photo of part of Alumni 

The Beijing Humboldt Forum 2018 hosted by the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) and The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) and co-organized with partners including the Austrian Embassy Beijing and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FH OOE) was held from 15. to 16. September at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing. At the opening ceremony Mr. Friedrich Stift, Austrian Ambassador to China and Mongolia gave an opening speech. After his speech Ambassador Stift was appointed as Honorary Professor and Co-Director of Austrian Cultural Center at the UIBE.

On Sunday, September 16th numerous parallel sessions were held. The Science and Technology Section of the Austrian Embassy Beijing (OSTA) organized for the fifth time an Austrian Alumni Session.  The international chair Mr. Philipp Agathonos, Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology at the Austrian Embassy Beijing, and the national chair Ms. LI Xiaoxin, Vice Director of WRSA & Director, Sub-Association of Chinese Academics from Germany and Austria of WRSA opened the Alumni Session.

More than thirty Alumni from various areas participated at the Austrian Alumni Session. Under the topic „ Science and Technology as a link between Green Economy, Cultural Heritage and Life Science“ the Alumni Session was composed of three parts. Twelve Alumni, six Chinese and six Austrian, gave presentations. The Austrian Speakers were Mr. Martin Thenmayer, Head of Unit for Liaison Services and Coordination, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Mr. Arnold Obermayr, Cultural Counsellor of Austrian Embassy Beijing, Ms. Alexandra Wagner, Head of the Austrian Center Shanghai, Mr. Wolf-Dieter Rausch, President of the Eurasia Pacific Uninet, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Mr. Dieter Hopf, director of Large Hydro Andritz and Mr. Andreas Zehetner, Vice President International Affairs, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. The Chinese Speakers were Mr. Zhao Tuanjie, Doctor in the Beijing Erlonglu Hospital, Ms. Lin Yihui, CEO of Yozao Education, Mr. Wang Likun, director assistant of Kaytrip, Mr. Liu Guangzhe, office Manager, Sino-Austrian Research Center for Environmental Protection in North West University of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Lin Qunhan from the Beijing Jiulong Shangyuan Health Technology Co. Ltd. and Ms. Gu Wenyan, a Ph.D candidate at Fudan University who gave a reading of an Excerpt from her newly published novella “Dimu”.

The Austrian Alumni Session at the Beijing Humboldt Forum provided a platform for Alumni to socialize and strengthen contacts and was unanimously recognized and applauded by all participants