Final preparations for an agreement between JPI Urban Europe and CCUD

Workshop on urban development in Beijing

2016-06-30_PEK_CCUD_Peter Schintlmeister_Tone Woie Alstadheim_Manfred Horvat_ Qiu Aijun_Hans-Guenther Schwarz_Margit Noll_Liu Yue_Berry Bonenkamp_

From right to left: Berry Bonenkamp, Liu Yue, Margit Noll, Hans-Guenther Schwarz, Qiu Aijun, Tone Woie Alstadheim, Peter Schintlmeister

30 June 2016 – A delegation of the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe (JPI UE), led by senior advisor for international STI cooperation, Prof. Manfred Horvat from the Vienna University of Technology, came together with high-ranking officials from the China Center for Urban Development (CCUD) in Beijing for a joint workshop on urbanization. During fruitful talks, final strokes were made for a memorandum of understanding, which will be signed in the near future.

Austrian experts are strongly engaged in the work of JPI UE: Margit Noll from FFG, chair of the JPI UE management board, and Hans-Guenther Schwarz from the BMVIT, policy coordinator of JPI UE, were also part of the delegation.