Mr. Ernst Woller visited CCUD

Sharing successful experience on social housing in Vienna

Photo: Mr. Woller giving the presentation

16 April 2019 – On the invitation by China Centre for Urban Development (CCUD) of the NDRC, Mr. Ernst Woller, the first President of the Parliament of the Province of Vienna, accompanied by Mr. Philipp Agathonos, Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology and director of OSTA visited CCUD. Mr. Woller held a very informative presentation about the social housing system in Vienna. Ms. Qiu Aijun, the deputy director general and more than 20 researchers of CCUD participated at the workshop. Ms. Qiu thanked Mr. Woller for his presentation and said, that the long history of social housing and valuable experience of the City of Vienna is an excellent example, which can serve an a reference for the Chinese cities in exploring and developing new method to improve the living conditions for their citizens.

After the workshop Mr. Agathonos and Ms. Qiu held an informal exchange of views on the current cooperation projects between Austria and China in the field of urban development. Ms. Qiu also invited Mr. Agathonos and the Ambassador Stift to the upcoming fifth EU-China Forum on Urban Scientific Research and Innovative Industry Development in Tianjin.