Online Seminar Belt and Road Sustainable Cities

Building Livable Cities in Post-COVID-19 Time

In the afternoon of July 8, 2020, an online seminar on Belt and Road Sustainable Cities Building livable Cities in Post-COVID-19 Time was organized by the China Center for Urban Development (CCUD), the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, the Chengdu Municipal People´s Government, and the ICLEI- Local Government for Sustainability in cooperation with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Energy Foundation and the City Alliance, led by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). More than 200 people from 7 countries took part in the online seminar. 24 representatives from national and international organizations spoke on various topics at the seminar, one third of them are Chinese government representatives and two thirds representatives of international organizations, foreign cities or organizations. From Austria, Mr. Ernst Woller, President of the Vienna Parliament and Mr. Philipp Agathonos, Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Austrian Embassy in Beijing were invited as speakers at the online seminar. The seminar was an opportunity to take stock of various topics, such as the creation of new development spaces and a livable environment, when expanding cities, building beautiful garden cities and safeguarding a high level of health care.


The next events in this field will be the 4th high-level International forum on sustainable urban development and the Chengdu Initiative on Livable Cities for the Belt and Road Sustainable Cities Alliance, which will take place in Chengdu from November 16 to 18 2020.