OSTA in High level dialogue “Industrial Innovation and Urban Development”

OSTA Director Philipp Agathonos speaks at the CCUD EU-China Forum for Urban Development in Tianjin

Photo: Mr. AGATHONOS together with the other participants of the high-level dialogue

17 May 2019 – OSTA Director Mr. Philipp Agathonos spoke at the EU-China Forum for Urban Development in Tianjin hosted by CCUD in cooperation with the Municipals People’s Government of Binhai new Area Tianjin, the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe and EUROCITIES. The event gathered renowned experts and high level representatives, among numerous others from NDRC (Deputy Secretary General ZHOU Xiaofei), EU (Chairman Derek VAUGHAN and Minister Councellor Philippe VIALATTE) and CCUD (Director General SHI Yulong).

Highlights of the event were the release of the Accomplishment Report of Horizon 2020 Urban-EU-China Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanisation, keynote speeches by renowned experts from research and from industry followed by the high level dialogue “Industrial Innovation and Urban Development”. As one of the members of this high level forum Mr. Philipp AGATHONOS referred to the human dimension of urban development and of smart cities as well to costs and efficiency issues. He pointed towards the role technologies from Austria could play, such as smart and innovative transport solutions by the ropeways from the world-market leader, the Doppelmayr / Garaventa group.

In the afternoon of the EU-China Forum for Urban Development two parallel sessions were held:

  • Parallel event 1: EU-China Seminar on Sustainable Development, with the topics “Construction of Resilient Cities” and “The Future of EU-China Smart Cites” (organized and chaired my Mrs. Margit Noll, Chair of the management Board of the JPI Urban Europe, from FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency)
  • Parallel event 2, with the topics “EU-China-Industry Partnership Seminar” and “Urban Development Powered by the Intelligent Economy”)