OSTA visits the Windoor City in Gaobeidian

Preparation for the 23rd International Passive House Conference

Photo: Group photo

16 April 2019 – Mr Pfeiler, Deputy Director of OSTA, and Ms Weiss, Senior Technology Adviser, visited the Windoor City in Gaobeidian, Province Hebei, where the 23rd International Passive House Conference will take place in September this year. OSTA was welcomed by Mr NI Haiqiong, CEO of Orient Sundar Group, Chairman of Shunda Moser Window&Door Co, Ltd., and Mr LIU Guanghui, Deputy Secretary of the Working Committee and Administrative Committee of Gaobeidian Economic Development Zone, and visited the Window and Door Museum, the production sites and the Eco-City (Passive House Museum). OSTA held fruitful talks with the representatives and will make efforts to support the Passive House Conference 2019.