The 2nd High-Level International Forum on Sustainable Urban Development

Austria as an Innovation Leader in Sustainable Urban Development

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Photo: HE Ambassador Dr. Stift held a presentation on the forum

01 August 2018 – The 2nd High-Level International Forum on Sustainable Urban Development, organised by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and the China Center for Urban Development (CCUD), was opened in Chengdu. HE Ambassador Dr. Friedrich Stift held a presentation on Austrian cases of sustainable urban development with the example of the Smart City of Vienna. Mr. Ingolf Schädler, Head of Innovation at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, delivered a speech at the event and introduced the EU – Joint Programming Initiative URBAN EUROPE, underlying that new ways of citizens participation in urban development will be needed in order to tap the full potential of technology driven innovation within cities. Dr. Margit Noll, Chair of the Management Board of JPI Urban Europe, also held a presentation on Sustainable Urban Development. Deputy Director of OSTA, Mr. Max Pfeiler also attended the Forum and assisted the representatives from Austria.