Visit of CAS Quantum Network in Beijing

The start of commercial quantum network in China

Gruop photo
Photo: Group photo

On 27th October, Mr. Helmut Leopold, Head of Center, Digital Safety & Security, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology visited CAS Quantum Network in Beijing, which hosted the worldwide first quantum-safe video conference on September 29, 2017. Accompanied by Mr. Philipp Agathonos, director of OSTA, Mr. Leopold learned about the latest developments and achievements in the construction and operation of the quantum network in China.

The “Beijing-Shanghai backbone network”, a quantum communication network stretching over more than 2,000-kilometer from Beijing to Shanghai and connecting quantum networks in four cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and Hefei), has been officially in operation since September 2017. Currently, the quantum communication network connects government departments and banks. Mr. Shen Guofeng, the general manager of CAS Quantum Network in Beijing, also demonstrated the key devices used in the network like optical-interference device and quantum router, which were fully designed and manufactured by Chinese teams.

Mr. Leopold congratulated Mr. Shen and emphasized that international cooperation especially the exemplary cooperation between Austria and China in this field could furthermore contribute to the success of the research and commercialization of quantum communication in China.