Since 2012, the Science and Technology Section of the Austrian Embassy in Beijing is in charge of the cooperation in science and technology with the competent authorities and institutions in China, Hong Kong S.A.R., and Mongolia. It serves as an information hub and strategic interface in the areas of science, research, technology and innovation and is financed by the Austrian Ministries for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), for Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)  and Digital and Economc Affairs (BMDW) within the framework of the Austrian Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA).

The overall objective of the Science and Technology Section is to strengthen a result-oriented, sustainable cooperation between the two countries in the field of research and technology development.

  • Mr Philipp AGATHONOS (MPhil), Minister Plenipotentiary for Science and Technology, Director of OSTA
  • Mr Max PFEILER (MSc), Deputy Director of OSTA
  • Ms Verena YU (MA)
  • Ms Sophie WANG (MA)
  • Ms Lingzhi HUANG (MA)
  • 2017
  • Mr Michael GRUBER
  • Mr Lothar HAHN